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Instructional Package
Capstone Project Presentation

by Dennis O'Connor
Western Governors University

Instructional Package: Here you will find a complete online course named: Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective.

Capstone Project Focus: My Capstone Report is about Module 4: Looking at Our Own Attitudes. To provide context, and access to all of the materials I created for this course, I'm presenting the entire course at this time.

In the fall of 2003 I moved this course (and others I'd been teaching at UNI) to a newly formed online professional development program at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. Since I am author and own the copyright for this course, I am free to change venues and take my work with me. Recently, Teaching with a Multicultural Perspective was accepted as part of UW-Stout's new online Master's Degree in Education. It will be offered during the summer session of 2005.

Instructional Package Navigation: The navigation bars at the top and bottom of the page will take you to:

Assessments: Here you will find links to surveys, evaluation guides, and rubrics used to judge student products.

Manual: This link leads to the Instructor's Manual. You will find additional links to materials needed for implementing instruction.

Module 4: This link takes you to subject of my Capstone Report: Module 4: Looking at Our Own Attitudes. From there you can navigate the complete sequence of instruction.

Instructional Product: This link takes you to the course SiteMap. The SiteMap provides central navigation to all elements of the instructional website. All professional development classes follow this basic design. A common navigational framework helps students feel at home if they take multiple courses in the program.

This course resides on my Wiredinstructor.com web server. I've made every effort to replicate the course as it was originally taught at UNI. However some links, especially those to UNI may not function.

If you find a broken link, please drop me an email with a brief report? Just click my name in the copyright area of any page.

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